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Latest news

In the 184 days of EXPO Romanian pavilion was visited by 5.473 million people. All the activty in public diplomacy, held in the Romanian Pavilion meant first and foremost a team work, but also a sustained effort, to present the best profile of Romania, worldwide. (...)" After the first assessments that we did, the results we have obtained confirms the objectives we've set from the beginning to the exhibition: high visibility, supported cultural presence and development of new contacts different areas, "Ferdinand Nagy, Commissioner General of Romania at World EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China
The “Harghita” Szeckler folklore ensemble gave a performance, on 28 October, at West Lake Expo, organized by the local authorities of Hangzhou city.


During the 6 months of participation at EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China, Romanian Pavilion will host multiple cultural events, in order to ensure increased visibility of Romanian cultural values and illustrate the richness and diversity of cultural expressions, from tradition to modernity. In terms of cultural program of Romania Pavilion the 6 months of exhibition were divided into 4 periods of a month and a half.

Greenopolis Pavilion

GREENOPOLIS <<GREEN MEGA POLIS>>invites visitors in a space metaphorically articulated, with symbolic accents in a uniform atmosphere, specific for Romanian message at EXPO 2010.


Romanian gastronomy is diverse and includes many habits and culinary traditions, specific foods, along with customs from the intersection of gastronomic culture with traditions of other nations.